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8:50 p.m. - 2009-05-23
lil' bitservations 2
these are now just totally out of context but they amuse me still -

Tue May 19, 9:07 pm

From: Lil Bit
Gdp of belarus

Mon May 18, 1:45 am

From: Lil Bit
Why wld u try to fite chubby checker

Sat Feb 28, 3:58 pm
A decidedly unhot girl just entered the blvd house

Thu Apr 9, 7:39 am

From: Lil Bit
I mean, a potential blowjob for the lunatic protag is not out of the realm of possibility, but i think he's taking what he can get from this woman whose

From: Lil Bit
house he trashed twice in a weekend

Mon Feb 9, 6:32 pm

From: Lil Bit
Aff-terawhile i wonder; where's the bus i'm waiting for? WHEHHHRE IS IT?

From: robotsarered
Possibly MARTA
Probably late


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