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2:11 a.m. - 2005-01-21
the best and worst of x-men 2004
livejournal readers got this a couple days ago but only because diaryland was all screwed up. the only thing i have to announce new in this space is that i just won a pavement impersonator karaoke competition which is totally absurd because i would have to say that i at best sort of barely like pavement. whatever, i got a t-shirt. Tight Mustard took 2nd place.

okay i am jumping on the best of 2004 bandwagon. sob d'gob hit so many of the key items, like chelsea's many houses, the bone shoes, the new natassia, the devastation of Hurricane Ivan, and how much 'we love rohypnoooooooool.' i am also generally less creative and so this is going to draw less on poetic detail and more focus on specific events, because i am lame. or it'll end up being really vague or unclear so it sounds like one of those t-shirts you get after a nerdy type of summer camp where the back of the shirt is a bunch of really preadolescent inside jokes running together.

!!!! THE BEST OF 2004 !!!!!

1.'Party cruising' to absolutely no avail with Natalie.

2. The goofy, often aimless, but still somehow productive Dr. Casino recording sessions with matthew and travis.

3. My own solo Doctor Casino recording sessions, see above.

4. Dumpster box full of videos.

5. Shuffling around town, still, in the Jesus College hoody.

6. Stumbling around new york, for the first time, in a haze that blended excitement, panic, and contentment.

7. For real using my bike to get all kinds of places, even Eckerd on Baxter Street.

8. That first unwilled, instinctive scream leaping out into space over the waters of the rock quarry.

9. The discovery of the new eckerd on prince!

10. Striking up conversations and karaoke duets with The New Natasha.

11. Parties I don't even remember going to, but I did.

12. Getting referred to as "God" by my classmates without my knowing. This was mocking, but I still like it.

13. An unprecedented number of crushes that went nowhere. Like, not even to me having any good thing about the person to fixate on, or like, anything.

14. The antics of Ashley Cookie.

15. That free German-chocolate cake from chelsea.

16. My brief stint as a physical laborer in the book-shoving field, powered by my sack lunches and a willingness to sing along to my Walkman in a library full of burnt book dirt and coworkers.

17. Finding myself face to face with that brilliant Ukranian Alina P., after not expecting to ever see her again.

18. The like six times i decided that my undergraduate career was now officially over (ie, last 'real' paper, last day of spring class, last day of summer class, and so on)

19. With Travis and Chelsea, finding the strength to heave the truck out of the Italy Pond.

20. Revisiting the Serpent Isle.

21. Big storms: the ones we had were as good as they come. And sure I could have done without the one that cancelled the Palomar show, but that was also the one that let me feel like a badass by getting through my first day at work during a blackout!

22. First sex in the new apartment.

23. Short-lived 'Woody Allen Night' series with Natalie.

24. Short-lived 'Real World and Ramsey' tradition with Natalie.

25. Okay really anything that involved watching stuff with Natalie. I miss you kid, nobody shares my vibe for TV watching like you.

26. Indie Rock Karaoke: better than anybody I talk to regularly will believe.

27. The following baked items: fudge ecstasies, summerberry pie, chocolate cheesecake, lemon bars, buttercream lemon custard pie, aunt nancy's chocolate chip bundt cake.

28. Reading by the pool, even better than regular reading. Working on my tan.

29. Running a date auction with the best and worst of women's studies, and making $378 for a good cause.

30. Powerful upgrades to my bike.

31. All three versions of Halloween, but most especially the Warehouse Party Version, my god!

32. Forever testing the chemistry with Sarah Winchell. Becoming better friends after she moved away...seemingly.

33. Devillainy.

34. Putting the pen to the page and keeping it there long enough to see my first magazine folded and stapled and sitting at Hot Corner.

35. The enormous horde skinnydipping that formally kicked off 'Weird Summer' (as I interpret the term).

36. Deciding to stay here because of the possibilities, and actually following through on those.

37. Escaping the allergic life.

38. Erotic Photo Hunt.

39. Replacing the K6 Bitch with the Kiss Me K8.

40. Each and every Foxz trip, even the lame ones.

41. That time i got a well-equipped super nintendo at the habitat store for like $10!!! and Travis thought that was a ripoff price for habitat, whatever.

42. The rise of Emily's diaryland page.

43. All the photo sessions with Travis and the keyboards, no matter how frustrating the results were.

44. Finally getting good at being just sort of normal friends with my lotie love.

45. The part of new year's eve that technically took place in 2005.

46. Easter egg hunt.

47. Going to the Grit by myself to read.

48. The following video games that sucked me in for various lengths of time: magic the gathering, Star Control 2, out of order, Sims, warcraft 3, Yoshi's Island.

49. Waking up in comforting, broad-shouldered Kerry's uncomfortable, sunken-in bed to behold Athens blanketed with snow from her penthouse windows; spending the following day without once feeling in any way unhappy.

50. Sushi for the first time, I think? Tofu Reuben for the first time for sure, mmm.

51. Crucial shows: first Who Is Myrtle Malloy?. That really goofy show at Garrett's house with the Heather Lynn version of Grean Bean Go, jesus. The Geoff Reacher show at 40 watt May 8. Wraithlike, rain-feathered glowing Will Oldham in the country. Madeline farewell concert. Extreme Animals at TP.

52. Deciding i didn't want the Real Job even before they decided not to give it to me.

53. Those sandwiches Ryan Wilson made that one time.

56. Getting my badass new camera.

57. Phrasing out my two-weeks notice at the library.

58. Plowing through books galore, and more in store. The Baroque Cycle in its entirety.

59. Beefbowl!

60. Finding it in myself to bike the long and truckered highway to Kerry's a couple times.

61. New/promoted friends of various sizes and meanings: big B mcD, Lil' Bit, Kerry, Travis, Donna, Misty, Whitney, my pen-pals (Ash, Annette, usw.)

62. Breaking in my sauconies and realizing they were not dumb to buy at all, in fact they are the best sneakers i've ever had.

63. Not-doing so much school work, especially for latin american political stuff class. without fail, falling asleep on those occasions that i did attend statistics class.

64. Becoming some semblence of a functional member of society.

65. Warm water, Elizabeth holding me close to her, our motions forming a whirlpool that sucked in the whole world and left only us there for a very long time.

66. Lotus liking my scarf comic.

67. The times I got to actually properly hang out with Angela Bullwhacky, by any name.

68. The going out of business sale at Crappy Video Bastards.

69. Reading on the landing with tea, in my robe, with Elliott wandering around being needy but standoffish.

70. Cruising in the back of the orange cross pickup with the embot, either in pursuit of two Pizza Hut pizzas, or in a dark night-time careen own dubious streets to the grocery store.

71. My insistence that my haircuts are in some capacity 'rakish' no matter what anybody (chotbot) says.

72. Every single train track walk with whoever or no one, to where-ever or nowhere.

73. Never once in the whole three hundred sixty five days was I overtaken by the famous sense of impending doom.

!!!!!THE WORST OF 2004!!!!

1. Well the election obviously.

2. The after-midnight portion of new year's eve bleeding over from 2003.

3. Getting into a horrid wreck driving a best friend's car the day before I (without dispute) finished my undergraduate career.

4. Picking fights for no reason at all with people, even though some of the damages got repaired.

5. The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players... more like the craptenburg family child exploiters!

6. Busting my foot.

7. The Feastopia negotiations.

8. Having to feel like i was back in back-talking versus "i'm going to send you to the principal's office" tenth grade world every time I stepped into capstone class.

9. That stupid parody ballet thing. what the fuck was that about?

10. Getting denied, along with the Chotleian, at the Wendy's drive thru for being on foot.

11. Survivor All-Star turning out to be really lame.

12. The Internet Phone, do I need to say more?

13. Hitting kind Penny W-V up for money.

14. Having to entertain, for the sake of politeness, the David-Icke-based notion that a race of lizard people is controlling us all.

15. Headaches.

16. Chelsea's crack addiction.

17. Hitting the Lotusian rock bottom of copy services where you would rather beat yourself in the head than get paid for playing computer games for even one more hour.

18. Losing any beard or shag for the forseeable future.

19. Being accused of attempted plant murder, and everything that that implies.

20. That time most of my ice cream cone fell right off in the germy parking lot behind 'quality' video.

21. The moving-away of Elizabeth, Natalie, and Sarah W, and the similar disappearance of Vanessa.

22. Never again to step inside: the Boulevard house (each room), Chelsea's place on Meigs, possibly Chelsea's place on Georgia Ave. although in all honesty i have totally lost track of when she lived there or anywhere else. Blue Sky (not a huge immediate loss but there was a time.) the UGA darkroom probably.

23. Getting whiny with/at Ann.

24. My kind of lame birthday, but whatever.

25. Awkwardness and feeling like a loser. Though this year more than some other years, these were more easily banished. See: the Best of 2004.

26. The brief period when I tried to rationalize the possibility of being a bank teller.


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